At the moment there are not many women pursuing careers in tech. Many women who enroll in classes that teach computer science or related fields end up not moving forward because of the environment they find themselves in. Oftentimes, in STEM education one can notice male-dominated classrooms. I chose to work with Code/Art, a non-profit organization in Miami, FL focused on teaching young girls how to code through art and support inclusivity for women in STEM fields. 

Code/Art has a self-portrait competition called Code Yourself. I was able to receive access to these portraits and the code that went behind them. Using this, I recreated each portrait and incorporated each girl's unique code that was used to create their original portrait. At the bottom of each poster, one can find a QR code which when scanned will take the viewer to a website showcasing the original portrait that the poster was inspired by and the full lines of code that went behind it. 

Code/Art Website: 
One of the posters was printed and featured on Code-Art's Instagram page

Artwork was on display at Code/Art Fest 2022

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